Fair wages and decent work conditions

Reaching fair wages and decent work conditions are two of the goals set from different SDGs such as 8 which calls for "sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all" and 10 which calls for "Reduce inequality within and among countries"7.

Over 10% of the people worldwide still do not have enough money to survive as they barely get 1.90$ a day to satisfy their basic needs8.

Moreover, many employers still don't recognize the fundamental principles such as the rights to collective bargaining, positive company culture and moral and fair treatment of workers8.

One way to ensure fair salaries and wages are to establish a minimum amount of money that the employers need to grant. These minimum wages can have different effects depending on the quality of their design7.

If the minimum wages are well designed then, they can allow a good quality of life, economic growth and they can reduce inequalities7. On the contrary, badly designed minimum wages increase people's poverty and well-being7.

A crucial aspect for ensuring decent working conditions is employees' professional development as it can provide access to career advancements, satisfaction, and engagement4.

In the healthcare industry, workers' engagement can improve caring attitudes towards the patients and overall patient satisfaction3. Engaging and developing employees means offering teamwork activities, professional training, and courses as well as constant feedbacks4.

In 2019, 29,8 million patients in the American healthcare sector5, and every year around 750.000 people are affected by kidney-related diseases6.

DaVita is a leading American company operating in the healthcare and dialysis industry, mainly kidney related1. In 2020, the firm generated revenues equals to $ 11.6 Bn and it was active in 11 countries1. In 2019, the firm employed 65.000 employees and it treated 28k patients internationally and 207k in the U.S.1. It had 2.75k dialysis centres and carried out 1.7k home dialysis1. The patients' satisfaction rate was 91%1 in 2018, but the data was not disclosed for the year 20191.

Regarding Davita's wages, there are different wage levels based on the experiences and position of the employee9. For example, a Dialysis Registered Nurse (RN) has an hourly average wage of $34 gross and a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician earns 17$ per hour9. When it comes to gender balance, on average women's salary ranges from 14$ to 37$ per hour while men's ranges from 15$ to 39$ per hour9.

In 2019, 19.000 DaVita's employees participated in activities related to professional development2;p6. In particular, the company's training programs include "Bridge to Your Dreams" allow to become a registered nurse in high-performing patient care technicians (PCT); THRIVE develops operational management skills; Foresters offers directors training; FA Prep 365 helps first-time facility administrators to develop the leadership skills2;p6. Moreover, the company reimburses up to $3,000 tuition fees to those staff members who are fostering their education through external resources2;p6.

Even though the company includes a vast range of professional development offers, only 30% of employees actively participated in them. Therefore, it is safe to assume that this low participation number could cause a decrease in workers' engagement, causing a low engagement employee rate could lead to a decrease in patient caring and satisfaction. Ultimately these conditions would lead to a low level of work conditions.

Despite the fact that DaVita seems to provide adequately salaries, there is still 1/2$ difference between gender salaries9.

In conclusion, DaVita should improve the number of employees who are participating in professional activities.

Due to the elevated number of kidney-related disease patients each year in the U.S. and its primary role in the industry, DaVita should ensure a high standard of patient care, therefore, a high-quality member of staff engagement with the aim of ensuring decent work conditions. Moreover, the company should increase the effort to equal the salaries between genders.












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